Respect Sensei
  • The Sensei has the absolute authority over all classes, workshops, and performances. If you have any questions or comments, direct them to the Sensei during the break or after practice.
Respect Taiko
  • Do not play on the Taiko unless instructed to do so.
  • No hitting on the Taiko when people are talking or discussion is going on.

A living tree gave its life to make our taiko. Likewise, a living cow (steer) gave its life to make this skin. We should honor and respect the life which transmits through our Taiko.

Respect all members
  • All home and personel problems will be left outside of the dojo.
  • No horseplay or vulgar languages.
Be on time for practice
  • Show up to class on time and ready to practice. Before class, help clear the room and bring in the taiko; after class, help put the taiko away.
  • If you are late, wait for the sensei to acknowledge you before joining the class.
Do not be absent from class
  • Do not miss the class unless it is abusolutely necessary. Notify the Sensei if you are going to miss practice or be late.
  • More than three unexcused absence will result in dismissal from the group.
Monthly membership fee
  • The fee is AS IS regardless of whether you miss any classes. Payment is due at the beginning of each quater.
Practice/Performance Attire
  • Practice shirts must be worn to every practice.
  • Wear agreed upon attire for event attending as representing Kokoro Taiko.
  • Performance attire is to be purchased by each members.